See how M.U.E. Corporation designed and developed this Video Arcade Cabinet


Established in 1982, M.U.E. incorporates three highly skilled divisions into one powerful, creative team. From the initial concept and followed through until you're in production, we provide dynamic products and attention to detail. M.U.E. Corporation has developed a streamlined, cost-effective approach to product Design and Development.

Product design is a lot more than just a futuristic, high-tech look. Our unbiased approach, as to how a product will be created, allows us to develop your product using the most cost-effective process in production.

The birth of a new product can start here with a simple napkin sketch. Our team of Industrial Designers can shape your product today into what your customer will buy tomorrow.

Rapid prototyping in addition to feasibility, scale and presentation models, prototypes and tradeshow displays fills the gap between product introduction and production.

M.U.E. Corporation evaluates your project requirements and manufacturing needs by purpose, volume and targeted cost. Our three divisions are all in synch in regard to product features, ergonomics and styling. Considerations such as molded parting lines, ease of assembly, standardized and modular components and manufacturing techniques are simplified by our M.U.E. team. This approach results in a final product that is ergonomically, financially and aesthetically sound.

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