NEWCONCEPTSSM is the foundation of M.U.E. Corporation. Our professional Team of Designers keep all phases of your projects cost-effective, practical and on track. NewConceptsSM has been developing products through the use of C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design) since the early 80's.

Consider this example...perhaps you are trying to determine the best materials and process for your design. After consulting with our NEWCONCEPTSSM team, you'll find that our practical experience and unbiased approach allows us to evaluate all of your design factors. This results in full optimization of your product's features as well as the most cost-effective manufacturing and assembly techniques.

If you ask a vendor specializing in only one practice, you may find that their recommendation will be to use their service -- whether it's appropriate or not.

This can result in unnecessary tooling expenses and recurring manufacturing costs associated with the need for multiple components to be assembled... when maybe a combination of processes would really work best for you. That's what makes NEWCONCEPTSSM so valuable-- customized thinking, with your project in mind.

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